On the Way East, Day 1 – September 19, 2015

On the Way East, Day 1 – September 19, 2015

I had seen an ad for a Farmer’s Market in Sandpoint on Saturday, and decided to check it out. With 8-10 days of travel before me, I thought having some nice veggies and fruits to eat in the first days would be good. Terrific market, as good as anything in my home court. Stunning fall produce, great apples, interesting and quality crafts. I bought carrots, long radishes, kale, Spartan apples, a hank of hand-dyed merino wool and a selection of handmade soap. Got a lamb kabob for lunch.

IMG_1869     IMG_1870 IMG_1871     IMG_1875

I had wonderful conversations with the farmers who grew the lamb, and made the wool and soap. I bought seed garlic from a garlic farmer who had many varieties I hadn’t seen before. So next year we’ll try out Copenhagen Gold, Galiano and Hot Yugoslavian.

IMG_1878     IMG_1877     IMG_1876

Probably the best was meeting and sharing with Coleen of Solstice Farm. She struggles with the same issues as 9 Mile Farm in keeping going in a way that is meaningful to her. Maybe a transcontinental relationship can develop.

IMG_1879     IMG_1874

As I was leaving the market I saw a woman across the street who had been at Schweitzer. I walked over to her and greeted her as another Rounduper. Turns out she was not. She told me her son was the engineer for the chair lift who fixed the problem for those of us who got stuck up there in the rain and snow when the motor failed. I told her where I was going and she suggested that I take “Route 200,” rather than hopping on the interstate.

I was heading for a state campground in Beavertail, MT, so an off-interstate ride appealed. I’ve crossed a great many beautiful roads in my driving adventures. Route 200 across the mountains of Idaho and Montana might be the most beautiful road I have ever traversed.

IMG_2333    IMG_2338     IMG_2342     IMG_2346     IMG_2363

Stopped for a picnic at Thompson Falls on the Clark Fork.

IMG_2365     IMG_2367

IMG_2371     IMG_2349

There are no longer falls here because the river has been dammed for hydro.

IMG_2353     IMG_2355

But I crossed the Clark Fork many times in Idaho, Montana and well into Wyoming.

IMG_2369     IMG_2379     IMG_2383     IMG_2385

Route 200 led me to the overfilled campground at Beavertail and to the RV park in Bearmouth, MT, where I was able to spend the night. Sounds of the river. Too near the highway until late at night. Too near the railroad (although that didn’t bother me as much). Then there were the helicopters after 3:00 am when all the other traffic had stopped. But for all the distractions, Bearmouth had the flow of the river and beautiful sunset and sunrise.



325 miles towards Home.


One response to “On the Way East, Day 1 – September 19, 2015”

  1. Kathleen Crowe says :

    We live in such a beautiful country. Your pictures are magnificent!

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