Roundup Reunion Day 5 – Farewell Day 09/18

Roundup Reunion Day 5 – Farewell Day 09/18

Goodbyes, good friends, good memories. Today dawned raw and rainy. The rain during the night had put out the fires from our Scouts’ Own. Everyone saying goodbye. Those of us driving, standing out in the cold and waving farewell to those boarding busses for the airport in Spokane and the train station in Sandpoint. We also waved goodbye to the great couple who travelled to reunion on their Harley, towing a tiny camper behind them. They had travelled 3800 miles from Connecticut to get here.

IMG_1858    IMG_1856    IMG_1854

Linda and I packed everything into her van to get ourselves to Spokane so I could get my car and head East, and so she could head south to continue her adventure. On the way we wanted to stop one more time at Farragut, and feel the ground beneath our feet.


We pulled into the visitor center to pay the day fee and there was Nathan again. I feel so lucky that we got to see him one more time. Nathan Blackburn is the Assistant Manager at Farragut State Park, and was a great mover to get us late girls a wonderful visit back to our old campground. He is so enthusiastic about us and what we did! While we visited on Farragut day, he took photos and video and made them available to us – on Facebook, email, and even hard copy. Great, great guy whom we spent a while longer talking and sharing with.


We drove through the park again, found a parking space and took a walk among the trees. We were looking for a structure that had been on the site 50 years ago, but we didn’t find it. Nice walk though, with some deer.

DSC09547        DSC09545    DSC09549a

When we arrived in Spokane, I picked up my rental, sadly migrated my gear from Linda’s van into the VW Jetta I would spend the next 11 days in, and said a very hard goodbye to my new friend. So, so hard to say goodbye to her. We texted back and forth about our progress for all of the next two weeks. May she visit me in upstate NY on one of her future journeys. A woman of such enthusiasm for life and everything in it.

Linda and Me

I spent a sweet night at Guest House Lodges in Sandpoint with dinner at MickDuff’s Brew Pub. Great porter. Good food – American Kobe beef on GF bun with lots of local goodies and great chips. Good organic mesclun salad with porter blue cheese vinaigrette. Check out my TripAdvisor comments if you want more details.

The great people at Guest House Lodges gave me a new key after I checked out because I forgot my washed clothes hanging in the bathroom, and then checked the room before I was able to leave the parking lot and found my refrigerated meds. The manager was so helpful when she brought my things to the lot. I promised myself I would remember her name and now cannot. . .


One response to “Roundup Reunion Day 5 – Farewell Day 09/18”

  1. Linda says :

    You got me crying Woman. What a fantastic adventure. I have had several trips in my life and this is one of the best. I hope to be able to attend in Vermont. But, will visit you before that. So glad we do not live in DC!

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