Roundup Reunion Day 4 – Auction Day 09/17

Things happen. . .

Holly and I parted ways today. She started her return home this morning. I will be heading east on my own. Over the past week we discovered some irreconcilable incompatibility. I decided that it would be best for both of us if we returned home separately. After a lot of weighing and balancing my options and serious discussion with Fritz, we decided that I should rent a car and also drive home. Linda will take me to Spokane tomorrow to pick up the car and I will start home on Saturday.

A lot of farewelling was going on today. It’s hard to say goodbye to people you have hardly met. Letting go of time that has hardly started. I packed carefully and tightly so that all my gear will fit into Linda’s van tomorrow. We plan to make a return visit to Farragut on the way to Spokane to take in the land just a little bit more.

Today is also the day for the auction. Historically, these Roundup reunions have conducted an auction to raise money for the programs and sites where the Roundups were held. The proceeds from this one will help out the Farragut program. Our organizers have set up a Gofundme page to support the park as well. It’s called “Scouts for Farragut State Park.”

IMG_1837     IMG_1838

There are many things up for auction at both a silent auction and “traditional” auction. I am bidding on some things in the silent auction. During one of the many moves I made between 1969 and 1977, I lost all of my Roundup memorabilia. I am bidding on a few items, so that I will have something to remember with for the next 50 years (LOL). Many fascinating things to share. Everyone was very generous and at the end of the day our group of 228 raised over $12,000 for the park.   (I was successful in winning some patches and pins, and am very happy about that.)


In the evening we had our closing ceremony. Outdoors, with small fires burning in portable fire pits. Rain threatened. It was cold. It was too soon to say goodbye. We had a Scouts’ Own. Talked about the week and our memories. The candles for the four directions of Roundupers arriving were extinguished one by one. We sang Taps and held hands in a friendship circle one last time. Our memory week was done. Too soon, too short.


We will have an opportunity to gather again in 2018 in Vermont. How many of us will still be here to make the trip?

Farragut 65ers


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