Roundup Reunion Day 1 – 09/14

Extremely full day today, with programs that far exceeded expectations. Today was “Idaho Day.” The morning session included lectures by three very interesting people.

First up was a former minister, one Mike Bullard, a former minister who wrote a biography of a woman in his congregation. He decided to write about her when a selection of surprising dignitaries packed his church for her funeral. The woman was Louise Shadduck, who was responsible for bringing the Roundup to Idaho in 1965. He gave each of us a copy of the book, “Lioness of Idaho.” He was the kind of speaker that could almost make you want to go to church if he was there!

Then a terrific guy from Idaho Fish and Game. Unfortunately I didn’t get his name. But he brought a slide show and a discussion of his work as a wildlife biologist working on the restoration of grizzly bear and woodland caribou populations in the northwest. He had great tales of the grizzly and promise for their restoration. Not so much the woodland caribou, of which there are only about 1900 left and none of them resident in the U.S., all in British Columbia.

Then the best of the morning. “Solar Freaking Roadways.” Scott Brusaw has invented a solar panel which can work as a road surface. It’s printable and filled with LEDs, can be used everywhere. I’d planned to blow this off as we are already getting solar, but when they put up the graphic I remembered that I had contributed to this guy’s Indiegogo campaign a while back. Dynamite to meet someone I had backed and to hear how the project is developing first hand. Best way to find out is to check out his website and find out what’s doing. It’s incredible stuff!

The afternoon had a novel self-help presentation by Anne Katherine called “Your Life as a Screenplay.” She described and challenged us to a new way of journaling using the template of a screenplay.

And best of all (maybe) we went to the top of the mountain on the chairlift. And it snowed, and it rained, and it blowed, and it was cold and wet and exciting. And the last batch of us got stuck on the chairlift in the cold rain and snow-ow-ow, when the power went off. A very wet and chilly half hour, but what an adventure. We are all still nutty in our 60’s. A great discovery. Here’s a link to the pictures of the mountain:



2 responses to “Roundup Reunion Day 1 – 09/14”

  1. Kathleen Crowe says :

    Wow-it sounds like your adventure is exceeding your expectations. I love hearing all about it. I hope the fun continues.

  2. Linda says :

    Thanks Sarah for keeping such good memories alive.


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