On the Road West – Tuesday, 9/8


A long day again. Looks like all our days will be long ones. It’s a long way from Utica to Idaho, no matter how you book it.

Up at 6:00 am, tearing camp down in the dark. Gee it’s not summer anymore, is it? Getting to the boat launch by 7:15. We are taking the Badger Ferry across Lake Michigan ad saving 12 hours driving time circumnavigating the lake. The Badger is a big ship, not the biggest ferry I’ve been on, but big.

The crew are loading all manner of vehicles into the ship, including cars, trucks, semis and one amazing wind turbine tower. The thing was HUGE carried on four caissons, each having 12 wheels, most of which were able to operate independently one another. I stood at the rail in the upper deck with a dozen other folks to watch the crew BACK this monster onto the boat. It was an amazing dance. Everyone cheered when the giant was safely tucked into the belly of the boat.


Here is the full album on Dropbox:


The crew continued to load vehicles and when the final items came aboard, and the loading done, the crew chief got on the PA to his crew: “Great job, Folks. Great job!” I nearly cried. How often does the boss so thank his crew for doing their jobs? They did a great job and it was touching to heard them thanked for it.


I worked up a timeline for getting to Idaho by Sunday and realistically we need to book miles the next three days, if we want to see Glacier and get to the reunion. We picked up Linda today (she will follow in her van and camp with us) at the ferry landing in Wisconsin. By the time we got the car off the boat it was nearly 1:00 pm and we needed to eat and get acquainted. All agreed that to make the time we need, we had to travel all the way across Wisconsin today and well into Minnesota. Holly misplaced her glasses this morning and not being able to see was making her uncomfortable. I hope we find her glasses.

I drove a fair amount of the seven-or-so-hour route across beautiful Wisconsin. Michigan was bland and flat. Wisconsin is lush and green and not quite so flat. We passed mile upon mile of lovely picturesque farms. Just as one would imagine a farm: farmhouse, silo, matched barns, cows. And it is so green. Hardly feels like fall, except that we drove through St. Paul and Minneapolis in the twilight and proceeded north to St. Cloud where we are camped in full dark.

So we finished the day as we had started it, in the dark, setting up camp.


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