On the Road West – Sunday 9/6


Very long day today, planned to be the longest of our journey.   After a nice campfire last night, I went to sleep to the sweet sound of crickets and a waterfall. Up at 6:00 to be underway by 6:45 and great breakfast in Little Falls. The problem was that the restaurant was closed for Labor Day Weekend! Who closes for Labor Day??

We went in search of food on the Thruway – not much out there this early so we nibbled on junk and drank coffee as we while away the hours and hours and hours westward towards Buffalo. With the goal of the international crossing almost in sight, we ran up against all the traffic on the way to Niagara Falls for Labor Day. Over an hour to go five miles. . .


Once into Ontario, we found a decent lunch at Tim Horton’s and ice cream at Dairy Queen. A long time since I’ve had soft ice cream from DQ. Part of our nostalgia thing for this trip. Holly and I talked our way across the many miles, sharing and discovering likes and not likes, similarities and differences, common and uncommon viewpoints. A great deal of inspiration.

We saw these wonderful wind turbines lazily turning along both sides of the Queens Highway.


U.S. customs had its “only in the US” moment: After handing over our United States passports to the identity checker person at the border, she looks at us and asks us: “What is your nationality?” [Whut?!] My brain says to ask her what nationality she thinks we are with our US passports, but my censor prevails, and I tell her “United States.” On we go.   Have a nice weekend.


Only another hour and a half to our campground for the night. After 11 hours on the road an idyllic campsite in among the trees would have been so lovely. But it’s Sunday of Labor Day weekend and this campground is absolutely STUFFED with huge trailers. We have trees and locusts singing. Buy idyllic it’s not. Glad I brought earplugs, and hope they’re not running the generators the whole night. Just remember that it’s only one night. It’s only one night. It’s only one night.

IMG_1712 IMG_1713


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