Hardly Strictly – Day 3 – a Nutshell

How can I adequately describe the experience of sitting on the ground in a nest of eucalyptus leaves, leaning up against the eucalyptus tree, gazing out through a window in a grove of eucalyptus trees at the Banjo Stage where Emmylou Harris and her band played Townes Van Zandt’s “Pancho and Lefty.” There was the sound from the stage and the rustle of the eucalyptus leaves with every stray movement or passing person. Plus the occasional sounds bleeding in from Arrow, Rooster and Porch stages when Emmy and her crew were between songs. Each movement released the heady scent of the eucalyptus leaves. The scent-filled air and the song-filled stage were enhanced by the rising waxing nearly full moon, sometimes obscured by wisps of fog floating in from the ocean. The moment was sublime in every sense.



There were five other stages; walking back and forth 20 times; the guy from Montana; the bathroom line; the birds on the pond and the lab swimming; the change in the weather; Bruce Cockburn surprise; whoever they were closing at Rooster; teaching about Sarah Jarosz; Italian dinner.  But that  moment in the woods was everything.

Monday is for laundry and packing.


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