Hardly Strictly – Day 1

October 3, 2014

Hardly, Strictly Day 1

Friday in San Francisco was more like Friday in L.A.   Hot, HOt, HOT, HOTTER! It felt like an oven here all day long. Everyone was wilting. They are so unused to this type of heat. Even the ocean breeze did not help.

Nonetheless we had a great start (that did not include a visit to Walgreen!). We had lunch with two young (in their 30’s) women whom we have watched grow up. Fritz worked with their step father back in the day and we’ve known these women since they were very young. It has been a long time since we’ve seen the girls, and I had forgotten how different they are, but so wonderful. One is a single mom raising a child with learning issues, and getting her son his services is a passionate goal of hers. She is so articulate and right-on in taking care of her son. The other works for Burning Man/Black Rock City. As she put it, her absolute dream job. We got a tour of the offices when we went to pick her up. Beautiful open space workspace, with Burning Man art everywhere. Going in there is like walking into another world of creativity – a small step outside of time and space.

We had lovely sushi lunch. The one who was not an adventurous eater, delightedly tasted avocado and tempura asparagus rolls, edame, and shishito chilis. I had one of the best chirashi’s ever and Fritz a roll with a soft-shelled crab. The place also made great flavored coolers. The shishitos I ordered because I grew them in my garden this summer and wanted to know how the Japanese prepared them. These were served whole, deep fried without batter and doused with ponzu sauce and shaved shallots. Must try this at home. They are surprising, because most are mild, only the occasional chili has a sharp bite.

We also proved that we are not young people in the information/connected age.  None of the four of us thought to take a picture or a selfie of the group for posterity.  I will have to use the pictures in my memory to savor the image of the two sisters across the table from me. . .


I was a wilted mess by the time we made it to Golden Gate Park for music in late afternoon. Lurched around until I found deep shade under which to collapse and recover. Then we listened to some of Dry Branch Fire Squad, Cibo Matto, Dave Alvin and finally settled into a nice long set by Lucinda Williams at the Star stage.

Enjoy some of my pictures of the audience:

IMG_0925     IMG_0930

IMG_0927 Edited     IMG_0938


And finally, I took some obligatory tree pictures, including this one where I was able to capture a flying airplane among the branches:



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