Whut Iz It?



There’s a rolling buzzing sound that a fly in a hanging light fixture makes.  It also has little snaps where the wings bump against the light bulb.  How annoying those sounds are, particularly now, after there has been a solid freeze and all these things should be dead.  It’s a really big housefly, now walking across a roll of toilet paper stacked on the table.  Walking as if it owns it.  It’s winter, you freak.  Go south!  Die!  Do something appropriate!  Goes back up to the light fixture and starts bumbling again. Zzzzzz-lol-zzzzzz-lol-zzzzzz-lol.

Wheeeeee-errrrrrr.  Wheeeeee-errrrrrr.  Wheeeeee-errrrrrr.  Wheeeeee-errrrrrr.

Working away in the high tunnel this afternoon, I kept hearing it off in the distance.  Not exactly a chain saw.  Certainly not a motorcycle or ATV.  Wheeeeee-errrrrrr.

Bluggggg, bluggg, bluggg.

Water is flowing out of the 5-gallon dispenser to make tea.


The electric kettle is making tea for us after a chilly afternoon in the gardens and high tunnel.  A welcome sound at the end of its cycle of boiling water.

Scrtch, scrtch, scrtch, scrrrrrrrrtch.

Ya (the cat) is skittering across the linoleum floor chasing something that is not there and running into a box.  Followed by a very soft


– need to investigate that one:  Oh! she’s crawling into the plastic bag of extra clothes I brought for the weather and settling down.

Whup, whup, whup, whup, whup.

No, not a helicopter.  It’s Sophie’s (the dog) leg beating against the floor when you rub her belly.

Whsh-whsh-whsh-clack. Whsh-whsh-clackk. Whsh-whsh-whsh-clackkk-whsh.

The wind has come up and breathes and rattles through the tree branches.


Tony (my GPS) announcing that he has turned on and it ready to navigate when I turn my car on.


My car engine as I turn into our driveway and shut off the car.


Garage door closing.

Thump, thump, thump, thump, bump, blamp.

Up the stairs into the kitchen, closing the door behind me.

“Thisss. . . .izzzz. . . .JEOPARDY!”


Another sound late at night:  a kind of bubbly groaning.  It’s Carlos-the-cat breathing.  He gets into sleeping and then his breathing sounds like a locomotive.  High-pitched groan in – pause – low-pitched groan out.  Wheeeeeeeeeze in; whoooooooooose out.  So-hum (a mantra for a breath meditation).  So-hum.  So-hum.  So-hum.  So-hum.  So-hum



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