Thinking About Spring



What a glorious day!  As typical of November were yesterday’s clouds and cold rain, today’s glorious sun and warmth were off the menu!



When I went to bed last night, the weather report was for the day to reach its high of 62 F around 4:00 this morning and fall through the day, reaching 42 F or so by early afternoon.  With cold wind and maybe squalls.  It was 59 F when I got up at 7:00 am; 62 by 11:00 am and topped out at 65 by 3:00 pm!  What every happened to November?  How can I maintain my dark, dreariness when this is going on?


I reveled in the sunshine, breaking apart cardboard boxes to cover up the grass and weeds that have taken over my garden spaces.  A winter under cardboard and (hopefully) dirt, will kill all the unwanted green stuff and leave me with clean, healthy dirt in the spring in which to grow next year’s vegetables.  I felt like I was released from jail to jaunt back and forth between the house and the barn, taking my time, looking at the blue blue blue sky, soaking up my full share of Vitamin D.

At the same time, I looked out over the gardens at the dead plants and the bare trees and thought:  How much I like the yard when everything’s dead.  I can see the rise and fall of the land, the slopes and curves of how it lays.  I can visualize the paths and small gardens that I would like to build between the trees and shrubs in so many places.  So many quiet meditation spaces. 

 Image     Image     Image

I can see the gaps between the shadbush and the snowberries, the tall lines of the neglected plum trees that I might be able to make bear fruit if I could just pay some attention to them.

 Image     Image     Image

There are more spaces between the several roses of sharon and the one mulberry and the box elder across the next door fence.  In the spring this space sprouts daffodils and Dutch iris, which are simply green after May.  I wonder if I should think about changing something there. . .give it flowers through the summer.

 Image                        Image

Image    Image

Back outside in the dark, remembering that I forgot to close the barn door.  (Luckily the cow didn’t get out!)  Traipsing across the lawn between the house and the barn, I take in everything bathed in glittering silver light.  The just-past-full moon is peeking through the shadowy slow moving clouds and giving me light.  The wind comes in light gusts, blowing around my cardboard, tussling the grass I chopped up Saturday, and goading the clouds away from the moon’s face so I can enjoy its light as I did the sun’s.  At this moment the wind is warm from the south.


I stand in the center of the yard, seeing my moon-shadow on the grass.  I am so thankful that I forgot to close the barn door and got to spend a few moments with my November Full Moon. 

I come indoors and the weather station says it’s still 50 F.  A moment later, great splashes of raindrops and frozen precipitation beat against the porch windows.  The temperature drops to 44 F.  November has returned. 



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