No Real Post Tonight


The Ides of November.  Because I committed to writing something every day in November, here are a few lines explaining why I DIDN’T write anything today.  Last night at dinner, some ugly gunk began weeping out of my eyes.  Not painful, just kinda gross.  Checked it out and hot compressed it and went to bed.  No other symptoms of illness.  Woke up early today with more gunk but still no pain in eyes.  Got working outdoors.  Ran out of gas in my string trimmer and in me as well.  Went to bed and slept for a long while to awaken with a new bizarre symptom.  My nose is swollen – I look like WC Fields.  I wonder if I’m harboring some kind of bug like the entomologist on Bones did this week?  Very sleepy and exhausted.  So I’m going back to bed.  See you all tomorrow, when I hope to have something interesting to say.  P.S.  My paternal grandmother would have been 120 today.  Happy Birthday Gramma Suze!


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