I Blew It – Rats!

I’ve had one of those days.  Am planning to deep fry a turkey on Saturday night at our group of friends pre-Thanksgiving gathering.  Do you think over the past several days that I have been able to find a turkey?  This has been a real problem.  Late afternoon, I finally located a frozen bird of sufficient size.  Trying since then to will it to thaw.  I want it to thaw – it has to thaw – completely or will explode when immersed in boiling oil.  All kinds of games, also keeping away from cats.


Then I find out that Word Press is not publishing my posts but merely saving the drafts.  I’ve been playing with that, too.  Can’t figure out why it’s not working.  Or why it will only work with Firefox and not Safari.  And suddenly Craig Ferguson is coming on the air.  So I’m very sorry, as is the raw turkey that I’m a half-hour late on day 7.


I want to say just a few words about calendars.  I did a fair amount of research on events of November before I started to write and I came up with a perpetual calendar site – which I have thankfully lost track of in the interim.  First, they listed Pearl Harbor day as today, November 7.  Well that’s wrong.  Pearl Harbor is December 7.  But even funnier than that, they listed Lincoln’s Birthday and President’s Day as being on November 29!  So I wrote them to challenge their calculation.  (To the best of my understanding Lincoln’s Birthday is February 12, and President’s day the 3rd Monday in February.)  They wrote me back defending their dates on the following basis:  A couple of states celebrate the fact that Lincoln issued the Executive Order-like proclamation that made Thanksgiving a national holiday.  This website claimed that the proclamation was first made on the day after Thanksgiving in 1863 (the first year it was an official holiday), so these states celebrate Lincoln on that day each year.  Fact checking is always valuable.  Lincoln actually issued the proclamation on October 3, 1863.  Said calendar guys gave no explanation about how President’s Day (which actually honors ONLY Washington’s Birthday) got to be celebrated on the 4th Friday in November.  Something about states having the right to choose the dates for their holidays – even national ones apparently.

So the point is this rant, is that before I realized how totally out to lunch these folks are, I adopted some of their dates for my rants and rambles.  So I apologize for any totally wrong dates I may have adopted from these morons.  I also apologize if you don’t see my weekend posts until Monday.  North of Warrensburg has iffy cellular coverage, so the uploads might not work until I get back towards Lake George late Sunday.

BTW, here’s a link to Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation:



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