The Cycle of Resistance



Four days into this practice of daily writing, daily observation, daily opinion, daily drudgery.  I never imagined that I would try so soon into this practice that I would try to talk myself out of continuing.  Just one day.  It won’t matter if I miss just one day.  Right?  Not!

This writing is a practice, a continuum, a benchmark, a challenge I set for myself.  No one made me decide to do this and certainly no one is making me continue.  But I am very sure that to stop or skip now, would be energetically wrong.  And in that context, I wonder how I will approach next weekend, when I will be out of Wi-Fi and cellular range.  But thinking about that is not living in the now and is only an excuse not to focus on writing something NOW, while it’s still 11/04/2013.

I was very busy today and actually achieved a lot.  This being very busy reminded me that, oddly, it’s much easier for me to get things done when I have too many things to do.  I have always performed my best when I have been overextended, overtaxed and overwhelmed.  But I’m retired now.  Why do I need this continuity of pressure and stress to get me to do anything?  I’m so much more comfortable doing nothing, being empty, living in a state of November-ness.


I committed a great part of today to working intensively with a single energy work client.  There is a magic weave in facilitating this type of healing.  Bringing the client deep into trance where the haze hiding life’s mysteries is lifted, where energy pathways can be made whole and open and where great change can occur.  The healing becomes even more marvelous when the client is willing to take a long and challenging journey to become more real, more complete.  This one used the word “curious” to define the process and we entered into the work with a sense of shared adventure.  These are the kinds of work that make me very glad that I have decided to travel this path, the work with the universal energies and to help people make changes in their lives.

Doing this work is a grand meditation.  Maybe that’s part of why I don’t want to write today.  The most significant thing I did today was participate in this healing, and the process is beyond words.  And even in the places where it is not, sometimes it seems unfaithful to that process to try to define it by something as meager as language.



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