Xi’an – Day 2

In “Terra Cotta Warriors” I mentioned it took 2 hours driving time to get from Xi’an city center to the Warriors’ Museum.  Our overnight train to Beijing was at 8:00, so we knew we needed to reach the train station by around 7:00.
Victor’s schedule allowed for 2 hours at the Warriors’ Museum.  Absolutely not enough time and we were tracking that we would probably have to leave around 5:00 to get back to the City in time.  We’d arrived around noon I think.  Starting at around 2:00 Victor started looking at his watch and calling various people on his cell phone.  Trying very hard to hurry us along.  Since we had checked out of our hotel and were carrying our luggage in the car, we had no need to rush back to Xi’an to sit in the train station.  So we looked at everything we wanted to see and took the time we wanted to take.
When we finished with the museum, we were hungry and went to eat.  That took a while, and it was still early, but I expected a 2-hour trip back to Xi’an when we got to the car.  This led to our only bad driving experience in China.  I don’t know what kind of bug was up Mr. Wong’s butt, but he drove back to Xi’an like a crazed maniac.  He drove hugely fast, took huge risks around the big 5, 6 and 7 axel overloaded Chinese trucks, and was just crazy.  Sometimes he was driving upwards of 140 kph.  I thought he might kill us.  Then we got back to Xi’an by 5:00 and they tried to dump us at the train station.  Crazy Mr. Wong even dumped my backpack out on the street.
Luckily Julia noticed that we were out in front of a fancy hotel.  Victor had been telling us all day how dangerous the train station was and now he wanted to dump us there for 3 hours!  We dragged him into the hotel lobby and made him wait there with us.  The very posh, ultra-star Solex wanted us to by coffee or a drink to settle in their lobby and use their toilet, which was fine with us – not with Victor.  The lovely hotel had a beautiful lobby that included WiFi!!  Hooray.  I had an excellent cup of expresso – the only coffee I drank the whole time we were in China, checked several days of email and walked around the beautiful fish pond.  
When we finally decided it was time to walk across the street to the train station, a little before 7:00, I had determined that if Victor tried to leave before the train boarded I was going to grab his collar and hold him down.  If the train station is that dangerous, buster, there is NO WAY you will be allowed to leave two old ladies on their own there!  The train station really wasn’t very dangerous, particularly in the soft seat lounge, just very crowded.  The train loaded and we let Victor go, and I’m glad my time in Xi’an is finished.

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