Peking Duck

The last night in China, for what turned out to be our last meal in China, we treated ourselves to Peking Duck.  The meal was served in a tiny restaurant on a tiny street, in a tiny hutong, not far from our hotel.  You find it by following the ducks painted on the wall down the alley to the restaurant.



At this particular place – I did not find out if this was universal – the ducks are cooked over a wood fire, and must be ordered in advance if you want them.

IMG_2188 IMG_2189

The ducks are carved into thin pieces which you place in a thin pancake with scallions, cucumber and hoisin sauce. Munch.  We chose to take our with boiled duck liver and chopped wing meat.  Both served cold, the liver plain, the wing meat spiced with hot peppers, onions and seasoned oil.   If we had known better (or our guide, whom we think had never seen Peking duck before), we would also have ordered the stir fried duck bones – the final official course for the meal.  We almost expired from the good smell of someone else’s fried bones as we left the restaurant.  Our most expensive meal and one of the tastiest.



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