Not Speaking Chinese – 8

When we arrived in Beijing we were treated to a day to rest up from the long overnight train.  At the end of the day, we decided to go out to eat.  The hotel concierge had given us two choices, one nearby and the other a cab ride.  She had written the name down in Chinese characters for us.  The two drivers parked out front refused to take us, so we went to the nearby place.  Took trial and error to find it on the top floor of a shopping mall/cineplex.  Picture menus are at each table on an iPad, that you scroll easily through if you are competent and just mess up if you’re not.  Finally looked around the room and pointed to someone else’s food.  “We’ll have that.”  Shrimp and veggies cooked at the table in that same bean sauce we got on noodles the next day and Peking duck the day after that.  And not a word of English was spoken. . .


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