Not Speaking Chinese 7

We stopped for lunch in Xi’an.  The restaurant had no English menu, but it did have some pictures posted on the wall.  Guides don’t seem to want to read menus to us.  They are more of the “tell us what you want to eat” while we are “tell us what choice we have and we’ll pick something.”  So Julia picked dumplings and I started looking at the pictures on the wall.  What’s this?  Fish.  What’s this?  Beef.  What’s this?  Chicken.  OK.  I’ll have chicken.  Are you sure you really want that?  Yes, get me the chicken.  Julia’s dumplings came and she started to eat.  Then the kitchen brought out about a gallon sized bowl and set it in front of me.
It contained chicken, all right, and broth, and some mushrooms and carrots and onions and seasoning.  What Victor had neglected to tell me is that “chicken” meant a WHOLE chicken, including the head and the feet!  At least it was chopped into pieces.



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