Amenities, etc

We stayed in a succession of mostly 3-star Chinese hotels, for which we paid about the equivalent of $60/night.  Each of these hotels provided their guests with a significant collection of amenities.   We didn’t have all of these in all the hotels, but we did have many of them in each hotel, and one hotel had all of them.
Emery boards
Shower caps
Sewing kit
Body wash
Body lotion
Bottled water – usually two bottles fresh daily
Glassware – drinking glasses in two sizes and tea/coffee mugs
In room safe
Hot water kettle
Ice bucket
Laundry bag
Shoe shine kit, including a yard long shoe horn and a shoe brush
Ironing board and iron
Emergency flashlight (that once or twice looked so much like a wall phone that when the phone rang, we answered the flashlight!)
2 or 3 telephones including one in the bathroom
A bible with side by side Chinese and English verse (including a condom inside the front cover)
Note paper and mailing envelopes
Ashtray and matches – even though all of our rooms were non-smoking
No WiFi but does have ethernet LAN – didn’t think of that at all.  None of my devices is ethernet compatible.
Big plush towels, so even with my mid back length hair I only needed one.  We even had these great towels in the guest houses on the Tiger Leaping Trail
American or European style sit down toilet.
Big wooden hanger that freely lift off the rail, and two plushy satin hanger for delicate women’s things
Bathrobes and slippers
Lights with more than a 20 watt bulb in them
More than one wastebasket
Tea –  some really good; some so-so, but always some.  Hotel in Shanghai had great oolong that I took with me and then left somewhere.  Too bad.  It was delicious and I was looking forward to having it at hom.
Hotel specific shopping bags that you can take
Soft, fluffy comforters in duvets.  Every place had these, even the guesthouses, and the hotels in Yunnan has bed heaters.  Bottom sheet, fluffy comforter, good pillows (except in the guesthouses).
Room key activated lighting:  This is great.  In order to turn on the lights, you put your room key in a slot by the door.  Lights go on and all the room electric works.  When your go out, you take your key and everything shuts off.
Lighting control console next to the beds – turns lights, TV and music off and on and lights up the “Do Not Disturb” and “Service Room” signals on the outside of the room.
Emergency escape masks in taller hotels.  These rank as the strangest things I’ve ever seen in a hotel room.
Rooms often had refrigerators – this is not exactly a perq.  Most rooms had mini-bars, but the prepaid registrations don’t get the mini-bar, so they take everything out and unplug the fridge.  Want cold stuff?  Plug in the fridge.
And in Shanghai (our sole 4-star) a bathroom the size of Kansas with an inviting deep tub and separate shower.
The downside of all these amenities:  Every room was equipped with a plug for ethernet LAN.  Only 3 of our hotels had WiFi in room.  Most only had WiFi in the lobby.  Beijing had WiFi everywhere and Xi’an had no WiFi anywhere.

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