A Very Great Wall, Indeed

We spent a mostly glorious day (but for the sometimes view obscuring pollution) visiting the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall.  For me the Wall is a much greater marvel than I imagined, and I wish we had had more time.  The climbing is quite strenuous in places.  I ascended one staircase that I believe exceeded 60 degrees in pitch!  From every point you can see the serpentine battlements stretching away along the ridgelines, peppered regularly with square watchtowers.  Cliched perhaps, but there is no other way to describe this.


Looking down from Tower 14 towards Tower 6 where we took a ski lift down.  We first climbed up in the other direction; I got all the way  toTower 20.


looking up and below, looking down from the highest point I reached:



It extends to the top of this peak and beyond to Badaling,


and along the top of this ridge as well:


Every where you look, the wall is there,



and during our visit, enhanced by all the plum blossoms on the mountain:

IMG_1971 IMG_1970

A Very Great Wall, Indeed:

IMG_1949 IMG_1960 IMG_2004


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