Red Star Pizza

If you’re ever in Yangshuo and just have to have some American food, run, do not walk, to Red Star Pizza. Except for the fact that the place is loaded with Chinese people, it looks just like an American south honky-tonk road house. Packed to the gills and of course really kitchy. But comfortable.

And the pizza and other western food will have you thinking you’re close to home. Be willing to wait for a table any time on Saturday as the Chinese also like a taste of broiled filet mignon, roasted pork chops, meat loaf with mashed potatoes, and french fries (which for this girl left a lot to be desired, except that they were better than no french fries.)

The ambience is great and you get western utensils, not chopsticks, for your food. They also have quite a coffee bar that spews out expresso and cappuccino at a furious pace. Enjoy!


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