Rating Guest Houses in Tiger Leaping Gorge

We had experience with several of the guesthouses in the gorge during our travels, some for meals, some for sleeping.

We had lunch at Naxi Family Guest House. They greet you with mint tea to help cool you down from the tough 2-hour hike up form Qiaotou. Very nice mix of western and Chinese food. Lovely stop on the way to the 28 Bends.

Up over the 28 bends and down to Tea Horse Guest House, where we spent the night. Very basic accommodations with spectacular views from the third floor rooms. The BEST BEDS IN CHINA. Abundant hot water in the morning, but not at night. Electricity only at night. Food was at best mediocre, except for the hot chocolate which was the best on the trip.

Next lunch at Half Way Guest House. Fabulous food served in a terrific terraced setting (if it’s not too cold). There was a strong wind blowing so we opted to eat in the sheltered dining room. They were shelling beans as we came into the courtyard, so we treated ourselves with the just picked beans as one of our courses. Great view and a semi-open air toilet that also has a great view.

Tough, tough three-hour hike down to Tina’s Guest House for our second night. Great big rooms with reach out to touch views of the gorge. Intermittent electricity and we never got hot water, although they claimed it was on. Food was tasty, particularly the fried peanuts. Add to any meal and use as garnish.

Finally, we had our last lunch in a guest house, whose name I never got, but it’s at a low spot on the low road at about the 18 K marker. No menu. You walk into the kitchen and see what they have to offer, pick our your veggies, meats and accompaniments and they make food for you. Very good and VERY CHEAP. I think we spent about 45 Y for four courses plus water and drinks.



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