How Glad I Am I Brought My Air Mattress to China

Chinese beds have several degrees of comfort. Firm, firmer, hard, very hard and rock-board. Firm and firmer only make my hips hurt if there is no nice feather bed under the bottom sheet. The other levels of hard are unbearable.
On the other side, all bedding in China hotels is nice. Nice bottom sheet, mostly cushy pillows, and wonderful down, feather and poly-filled comforters in duvets that keep you toasty warm.

In Shanghai, we had firm with plushy underpinnings. Good sleep. In Hangzhou, the bed was hard. The one night in Suzhou was rock-board. Yangshuo had hard and I was glad for my mattress, even though the hotel was otherwise very comfortable. Kunming was very hard. Considering our one very short night, the air mattress was more than welcome.

Then we came to Yunnan. Dali and Lijiang were both hard, so I increased my lung capacity by inflating at a mile plus high.

I then packed my trusty mattress into my day-pack for the trek to Tiger Leaping Gorge, only to discover the most comfortable bed in China at Tea Horse Guest House. Three inches of luscious memory foam on top of a platform. Add to that the BED WARMER! Then on to Tina’s Guest House where again the bed warmer made the hard bed cushier. With a blanket under my knees the air mattress stayed in my pack.

Finally, Shangri-la and another bedwarmer on a bed that is no harder than firm. Three nights of glorious comfort and warmth – almost. Except our last night in Shangri-la the power went off all over the city at around 23:00 and was still off when we left for the airport at 7:30.

Xi’an was again hard, and the train’s soft sleeper was of the very hard nature. But the sway and fro of the train and the clicking of the tracks made up somewhat for the hardness and lulled one into sleep. Finally we arrive in Beijing to find luxurious American beds.


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