Dr. Lily-li

After biking and hiking around Yangshuo we were looking for famed Chinese foot massage. Our guide recommended Dr. Lily-Li, who seems to be a local institution. She is not just massage, but a full-fledged doctor of Chinese medicine. You can schedule foot massage, reflexology, full body massage, acupuncture, and consultations in Chinese medicine using pulse analysis and other modalities.

She is a tiny, ageless lady – could be 30, could be 60, who runs her clinic with an air of absolute caring no-nonsense authority. Foot massage is gentle on the feet and legs. Reflexology is more deep tissue work. We both opt for the deep tissue massage. When we arrive at our appointed time, we are each ensconced in a cushy easy chair, and our young therapists bring herb infused warm water for our feet.

Then our young caretakers kneaded the s**t out of our feet and and legs, forcing releases in places where we didn’t even know we had places. One hour of fine work. And all this for about $20. What a deal!

So far this is the only spa work we have received, although Julia talked about the possibility of frequent foot massages before we left home. I hope the hotel we’re staying in in Beijing has a spa. I’m up for the full pampering service.


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