Karst Country – Lunches in Guanxi County

Two wonderful lunches to write about.

When we came down out of Ping’an, we asked to have a “local lunch.” Mo (our driver) was going to take us to a restaurant he knew, but there was wedding going on there, so he took us to another place he knew. Two tables, woman cooking in a couple of big woks in the open air. The veggies and meats laid out for our selection. We pointed and TaoYun ordered, and it was one of the best meals we’ve had on the trip.


At Moon Hill in Yangshuo, we decided to try “beer fish” the local specialty. It comes in two types: many bones (carp) or one bone (cat fish). We opted for one bone, having no other idea what to expect. The catfish must have weighted about 2 Kilos, was killed just before it was cooked, chopped into big chunks, and boiled in beer, herbs and some veggies. It was messy and kinda hard to eat. Was delicious at the time, but when we reflected on it later, thought that it was a bit too revolting to order again.



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