Karst Country – Bicycling in the Countryside

Our travel agent set up a tour of the backroads of the karst landscape as a day long bicycle trip. Pick up bikes, pedal out into the countryside, take a raft trip on the Yulong River, bike to lunch at Moon Hill, bike back to our hotel. When we went to pick up the bikes, they had for us big lunking, 20+ speed mountain bikes. I am hopeless on a bike that I have to shift, too unsure of myself to be able to pedal and turn dials at the same time. I tried riding the bike in the street – no go. Too many zipping along cars and trucks – just too scared.

TaoYun offered to pedal with me on a tandem. She is young and tiny, and I’m about twice her size and felt really bad. Thought I might let Julie go off with TaoYun, take a cab to meet them at lunch at Moon Hill and spend my day doing something else. But she quietly persisted that it would really be all right. I finally gave in. I owe her a great debt for toting me along like a baggage so that I could experience what was the best day we have had so far.

Awesome biking among the peaks, views of the guest houses and small towns nestled at the bottom, beautiful and sometimes exciting float down the Yulong, interesting lunch and great hike and views at Moon Hill. And I did help push the bike as much as I could, but thank God, she steered. THANK YOU, TAOYUN.


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