Rest Day

We started our rest day (in which we expect to receive 2+ inches of rain) with a foot massage and reflexology at the health center of Dr. Lily-Li. Apparently quite famous around here. Her young women took all the knots out of our feet and made our legs feel strong and ready for more – like retrieving our laundry in the downpour.

Julie has been hankering for western style food for several days now and as we wandered through Yangshuo on the way to the laundry, we stumbled across a truly hopping joint: Red Star Pizza. Their menu promises about 20 kinds of pizza, hamburgers, egg sandwiches, cheesecake, coffee. The place is PACKED at 1:30 on a Saturday afternoon, and we seek shelter from the rain while waiting for a table. If you’re a two or a one in this place, you share a table with someone.

Waitstaff race to and fro on the wet slippery floor, many of them in high heels. We look at the menu and look at the menu. Julie selects minestrone soup and Hawaiian pizza. I opt for Chinese tomato and egg soup, but select grilled chicken with veggies and french fries. We split a giant Tsing Tao bottle. The soups are delicious. Julie’s pizza looks and smells American. She says it tastes good, although the crust is a bit crustier than she likes it. The chicken breast is seasoned well with black pepper and oregano and cooked perfectly. The accompanying veggies are steamed to perfection (what else would one expect from the Chinese). The french fries are a little odd – glad I was carrying my salt shaker, but certainly satisfied.

This is the only restaurant that we’ve been to in China that did not have a bottle or cup of toothpicks on the table.

Returning to the hotel, we looked for munchie food to take on our flight on Monday, which is at 7:00 AM. I realize that we are firmly ensconced a tourist only area. All the grocery stores, of which there are many, sell only souvenir food – nothing that a person would want to eat, but plenty to bring home as a gift, so we don’t do so well. I went looking for a fruit vendor without success.
But we did get our laundry, clean, neatly folded and still faintly warm. Now to pack again.

Julie went out again to look at the Li River, outside our door. I stayed in to work on organizing and deleting photos, as I have maxed out both the iPad and the camera card. Search as we might, it seems not possible to buy a camera card in China. It’s possible we might have done so in Shanghai, but that is far behind us and the cities and towns get only smaller from here until we reach Beijing in a couple of weeks.


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