Why I Hate My Camera

I don’t really hate my camera. I hate my iPad and iOS. I bought a new camera for this China trip that takes an SD card rather than a memory stick so I could download the pictures onto the iPad using a USB connector. One of the things the new camera does is shoot pictures in both RAW and JPG format, and I have been shooting everything in both formats in anticipation of wanting to download some of the JPGs to FB or WordPress, saving the RAW images for editing when I get home and preserving all of both by uploading the whole batch to iCloud. First download from the camera today and I get a message that the photo program on the iPad and iCloud will only upload “one version” of the pix.

Now, since I can’t access the file structure in iOS, I can’t tell which version was downloaded, and can’t tell what I can delete from my SD card. Technology – ugh!


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