Chicago to LAX

Monday we started off slowly. Drive to Hartford and spend five hours at the airport waiting for our extremely delayed flight to Chicago. Very uncomfortable and annoying Embraer regional jet, offset by the funky luxuriousness of the Aloft O’Hare [add url and a picture]. Even got a few hours of restful sleep.

So far Tuesday has gone better. Our flight from Chicago to LAX boarded on time, altho we waited about a half-an-hour for the weight and distribution calculations to arrive from some remote server so that the loaded 737 could take off safely. We are gratefully ensconced in first class, wide comfy seats, mucho leg room, and Scott at our beck and call for whatever we need. Or want. Finally figured out why my bluetooth iPad keyboard wasn’t working: I had bluetooth turned off on the iPad. Even world travelers have our shares of duh! moments.

Surprising even for first class, a delicious airline breakfast of steel cut oats, fresh fruit, dried fruit, brown sugar and 2% milk. I feel very righteous having eaten that. Now waiting to see if the clouds will lift so that my view of the canyonlands, Four Corners and the Grand Canyon are not impaired as we reach the half-way point to LAX.

The rounds of circular watering marks march by below me, peeking in and out of the cloud cover. It is parched down there. Not a hint of green from 36,000 feet. The clouds come and go. I am grateful for their parting over the Canyon of the Little Colorado and then the Grand. Could almost pick out the place where I camped at the top of Bass Canyon on my last visit there.


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