Birds and Bugs, Turtles and Fish, Tea and Temples (Part Last)

Maietreya, Kwan Yin, the warrior gods of the four directions, saffron robes, incense burners the size of cars, koi – the Jade Buddha Temple.

This is an active Buddhist meditation temple and stepping inside the walls was like stepping into another century. Supplicants bowing and offering incense smoke to the directions, praying in silence, while the monks chanted in the Great Hall.

Of the Jade Buddha’s there are 2, one seated and one reclining, that were brought to China from India a few 100 years ago. I would have liked to have spent more time listening to the chanting and examining all the amazing carving and metal work. The Buddhas themselves are of white jade, and are so benign and peaceful. I wanted to ask the priest for a blessing to bring back to Xioahua, but didn’t know how to ask, nor how to ask Cloud to ask.


But then there were the fish. Cloud suggested we place a hand in the water. The fish are looking for a handout, and they “kiss” your hands and fingers looking for the fish food. Koi the size of small dogs kissed my fingers. I just sat there a long time taking in their ever changing colors and sizes. I wish I could go there again tomorrow.



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