Birds and Bugs, Turtles and Fish, Tea and Temples (Part 3)

We had asked Cloud to bring us to a tea house. He took us to a tea merchant, but it was hugely delightful. A woman who told me I could “call her Snow” when I asked her name, presented the traditional Chinese tea ceremony with porcelain and pottery and 6 kinds of tea. I realized a little ways into it that we were actually at a tea tasting, just like being in the tasting room at a winery except the winery lacks the choreography.

Snow danced hot water and tea leaves into pots and danced brew into pitchers and finally danced tea into cups. She told the history of each tea and its benefits and uses. Here’s what I remember of the teas. I also learned that the flavor is extracted from a very short steep and that green tea water should only be around 180.

Oolong – gentlemen’s tea
Baby Jasmine – lady’s tea – use the leaves 5 times before it’s finished
Big Jasmine – a tea flower opening in the pot
Green – super anti-oxidant
Lychee Black – very tannic weight loss
Yunnan tea the “Master” – while what we tasted was 8 years old, she showed us sculpted teas that were over 50 years old

Then we visited the showroom. This was a VERY high end shop. Yet so lovely. I meant to photograph the shop before we left, but forgot. I bought a fair amount of tea for me and for friends. A wonderfull experience.



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