Birds and Bugs, Turtles and Fish, Tea and Temples (Part 1) (03/22)

Our fullest day in Shanghai just scratched the surface and how clear it is that we needed more time here.

The market called the Bug Market is a true bit of folk art. Cloud (our guide) tells us that all these animals are sold as pets and “for enjoyment.” Not food or fodder.


Small to tiny stalls sell tiny to large birds in lovely bamboo cages. The birds tweet, whistle, squawk and shriek. Many, many, many birds from finches to chickens to even a chickadee.

The bug sellers sell crickets and cicadas – their songs pervade the market. As do stacks and racks of cricket cages, often elaborately carved from small gourds with lovely latticed tops.


Gold fish (carp) of every size, color and configuration in bins, buckets, tanks and fishbowls.


Turtles, salamanders, frogs, tadpoles. All manner of beasts that live in the water. They also sell live bird food, so there are bins filled with wriggly, crawly meal worms in several sizes.


Also various rodents including chinchillas, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs. And dogs and cats – although the market was well populated with well-fed independent cats.



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