A Humble and a Not-so-Humble Garden

More and more gardens in Suzhou. And RAIN. It rained fairly hard in Suzhou on Sunday and Sunday seems to be the big take off day for working folk as everything was full of people.

Not much words to describe the gardens. The Humble Administrator’s Garden was many hectares large of gardens and lakes. We would not call these things “gardens” but “parks.” Beauty unsurpassed.




The Forest of the Lions was built by a monk, and was unique among all the gardens we visited. It’s a playground, rockery maze. You follow little paths into little grottos, up and down stairs and out onto viewing areas. Then you have to follow round and round to see if you get to the next place you want to see. We could have spent most of the day there, but it was raining and slippery. Forest of Lions is a reason on its own to visit Suzhou.





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