Street Food 1

As we ambled through Tongli on Saturday and Old Suzhou on Sunday, the variety of street food attracted and amazed. In Tongli (how I wish I had taken a picture) I saw a number of people walking around munching on something on a stick that just smelled delicious. It had lots of legs and I wasn’t sure if it was a crab, a crawfish or a spider, but I knew if I found one I had to have it.

We passed a booth piled high with skewers of 3 tiny crabs, each about 1 inch in diameter plus its array of legs. These were dusted in something (maybe corn meal) and deep fried to crunchy goodness. Julia and I each indulged, smiling and crunching our way down the narrow streets wearing big tasty smiles. As I crunched open my third, it showed the bright carmine of a she-crab and added the sublime taste of roe to the crunch.

On our way back to the car, Cloud asked if it would be OK if he bought one to eat? Of course, why not? He’s not supposed to eat with us, but I don’t think that applies to street food. He told me that he had never eaten this before and his face wore a just as delighted look as did everyone else’s who crunched down those crabs.


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