English Not Spoken Here – 1

We struck out on our own to find dinner in Hangzhou. We found a restaurant. Unlike most we’ve eaten in, this one did not have a picture menu. No one in the restaurant spoke English. We were presented with an order sheet printed in Chinese characters and a pencil. We pulled out our trusty multi-lingual Chinese menu, but could find no matches. Then they brought us an English menu – but it was LONG, and we had to decide. 2 or 3 waitstaff and two kids – must have been the owners family, all tried to take orders. Finally we just pointed at things. We ended up with shrimp dumplings, something delicious wrapped ina wrapper and deep fried, and two different bowls of noodle soup with roast duck. Yummy. The little girl brought our bill and carefully told us “seventy-one.”


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