Terra Incognita

For a couple of hours, we’ve been flying over Russia! And it looks as if we may also cross North Korea (or at least come very close). The idea of flying over the former Soviet Union is somewhat strange. There were days when an airliner could have been shot down for flying in Soviet airspace. The Koreans actually did it once. I forget the flight info (KAL something or other), but a friend of mine was on that plane. Muriel. . . There were no survivors.

We’re flying at 38,000 feet and still haven’t managed to evade all the bumps. Must be some bad weather below us. More unknown territory. Having never flown this high, I wonder how my ears will take the descent.

Three hours out of Shanghai and we have acquired Chinese Time (the single all China time zone) and my watch is correct again. North Korea looms large on the route map.


One response to “Terra Incognita”

  1. Lesley Tabor says :

    Something magical about hearing from you flying over Russia. By the time I’m writing this (2:50 pm EDT), you are probably in China. Sleeping, I hope?

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