Crossing the Dateline

I woke up on our flight to find us crossing the international date line in the Bearing Strait between Alaska and Russia. In an instant time moved from Tuesday to Wednesday. And it happened around noon Shanghai time. It’s strange that I have no idea what time it is/was “here.” I think of “today” as turning into “tomorrow” at midnight. Today (yesterday?) changed over in broad dayalight, sometime in mid-afternoon local time. Absent WiFi and cellular my electronics have not updated to local time.

This puts us about half way there – 7 hours past Los Angeles, 7 house before Shanghai. 5000+KM from anywhere. Except Kamchatka – remember Risk? – which we will soon fly over. We are sitting on the ocean side of the plane so we don’t see the mountains of that region out the window. As I watch our progress on the “flight route” graphic, the terminator chances us. At some point during this 14-hour marathon flight, day will turn to night. It should be dark when we land in Shanghai at 7:22 pm local time.


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